Lena Sutter


concrete but evocative

Lena Sutter is, at her core, a midwestern girl. The quintessential "small town kid moves to the big city" story, her folksy singer songwriter upbringing fuses with a new taste for electronics on her debut album, "Some Songs I Wrote In College." With inspirations like Bon Iver, St. Vincent, Julien Baker, and Mitski, her careful lyrical webs and investigative guitar tones are concrete but evocative, grounded with a sense of mysticism. Putting her sound engineering degree to work, Lena wrote, tracked, and mixed the entire record, giving her an entirely blank canvas to begin shaping her own sound and style. Lena is signed to Raisin Toast, an up and coming record label seeking to lower the barrier to entry for passionate, interesting musicians. 

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